Thank You and Merry Christmas


This is a four panel mini-tract, it folds to 4 x 2.5 inches. It's a little larger that a standard business card (3.5 x 2). This tract is great to use when leaving a tip. The mini Gospel tract is printed on #100 matte text (the same as all our tracts). When it's folded it is stiff and durable. I have actually carried this tract in my wallet (as a back up) and it still looks good. 50 Tracts Per Pack


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Lisa Noonan 16th Nov 2020

Reach the Lost

I loved this tract because it poses 2 questions on the inner flap with multiple choice answer options that really get the reader to think. It is a bit small, but will fit great in any size Christmas card. You can stamp the open spot on the back with the name of your church, address, etc. Super clear Gospel presentation. GRATEFUL IT IS KING JAMES TEXT, too.

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