What Do We All Have in Common?

What Do We All Have in Common? Spanish-Green


"What Do We All Have In Common?"
"What Do We All Have In Common?" was the first Gospel tract written by Mark Manning, in 1998. While living in the Dominican Republic, a predominately Catholic culture, he used this tract (translated in Spanish) for his own, personal witnessing, teaching and preaching. This experience provided further insight on how to clearly articulate and demonstrate through illustrations that salvation is by faith and not by works- to even the most devout Catholics. This tract is an excellent tool; whether you're witnessing one-on-one with someone or leaving on the table with a tip… It is thorough enough to share the Gospel with someone who has no previous knowledge, someone who is steeped in a false religion and/or may be confused about "earning" eternal life.

Its catchy and thought-provoking title is sure to grad attention and its clear presentation of the Gospel is probably why it remains our number one seller after all these years! By emphasizing truths that place "all" people on a "common" ground (explained in the first paragraph and throughout the tract), this tract is readily accepted. Relating with the reader and finding our commonalities to share the Gospel is a great way to be a witness for Jesus Christ! It is our hope that this Gospel tract will be a blessing to you and your ministry and that many souls will come to know Him as a result!

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